Writer’s Hand

Writer’s Hand: not the most attractive thing in the world, but it sure is the epitome of passion and hard work. It’s got some pen marks on it from writing ferociously, trying to keep up with the writer’s thoughts. And some white-out, too, because sometimes when you’re jotting down things that quickly, words become illegible. Also some orange highlighter because you always gotta take notes. Your fingers and hands are red in some places. And if you are a hardcore writer, you’re also going to have some calluses. The more you have, shows the more you write. This is why a lot of people choose to write on computers (myself included—but I also keep a journal.) While tons of writers get writer’s block, I’m over here with my writer’s hand. Is it even normal to get pen marks high up on your forearm? Probably not, I’m just a little crazy.




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2 thoughts on “Writer’s Hand

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