Beats™ By Dr. Dre™—Yay Or Nay?

I need some advice. I haven’t bought myself a nice pair of headphones for a while, so I was thinking, I probably should. I really want the Beats headphones. I hear they’re amazing quality . . . which is what I need, and, of course, I love the colour pink and they have them in that colour. But is it worth buying? I would love it if some of you commented your opinion on the headphones before I go out and buy them.


beats-by-dr-dre-logoJust drop me a comment below, or you can reach me at my social media sites. You can tell me what your preference is, what you think the sound quality is like, which ones you would buy, or if I should steer away from them completely. Thank you everyone!

5 thoughts on “Beats™ By Dr. Dre™—Yay Or Nay?

  1. no honestly u can get like sony headphones for only $40…..well I mean ya they are good quality but u can get something just as good for cheaper. unless u don’t care about how much $ it is then go for it. get the earphones not the headphones (personal preference lol)


  2. Nay.
    Expensive headphones doesn’t mean best headphones, which I’ll get to that in a second. I’m gonna try to stay un-biased as possible; I’ve used (once owned) them and tried on a lot of other headphones.
    Beats by Dr. Dre is a family to all the headphones they own, such as beats solos (1 and 2), Beats, Studios, Lil Wayne, Justin Bieber beats… etc.
    The headphones company really makes the product a fashion statement: how glossy, stylish, and colourful they look, especially the packaging of the product looks so premium. This doesn’t mean they are great SOUNDING headphones. The latest pairs of Beats… are just “beats”. It has heavy sounding base, NO mids, and hard to hear the singers in certain songs (low treble freq). The headphones are pretty much made for listeners who love listening to hip-hop pretty much. I find most headphones from Beats, are just $20 Sony headphones.
    Right now I get it you like how the headphones sound “excellent”, but you hadn’t tried out a lot of my favourite headphones on the list. I prefer the ATH-M50s from Audio-Technica. I love them because of how the ear cups are pillowy, oval-shaped design, and much lighter then the Studios and Pros. They are very adjustable, even for ones who have really tiny heads. I like the cable-coiled wiring added to those headphones. The sound is truly amazing. I can hear every good Mid, Treble, Bass frequencies perfect to any genre of music. The headphones are isolated very well, yes I know they are not noise cancelling, but it covers up a lot of sound that try to bleed through those headphones. The price: $150. They just became discontinued but there are still a lot of them left (many headphones by them sound excellent from under $200). They have made the newer model of the headphones, but still excellent price.
    This is my opinion, I get great advice from people over the web.

    Bose is an okay option, a bit over-priced to me, but still much better sound then beats.
    I can link to you some great headphone products from amazon Including the ATH-M50s.

    So, If you don’t mind the heavy over-bass, not to shabby sound, and don’t mind spending $300-500, then go for the Beats by Dr. Dre. I hope you find my advice to be very good.

    Links to check out:


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