I Got My Cartilage Pierced

Hey everyone! Yesterday morning I went and I got my cartilage pierced! I won’t say too much about it now because I’m going to be uploading a video onto my YouTube channel explaining in detail what my piercing experience was like. So now I have six piercings total! Two on each lobe, my nose, and my cartilage. All I can say now is, wow! It didn’t hurt at all! Even my lobe piercings hurt more than my cartilage did! I didn’t feel a thing; no pressure, burning, or stinging. And it only burned for a few minutes afterwards. I got it done with a mechanical needle. It looks like a gun but it’s actually a needle that replaces the needle with the stud so quickly, so it’s the less painful option. The needle is too slow and the gun is too rough (and can also lead to infections.) So this mechanical needle thingy was a life saver, too bad like no piercing places use it except for the one I went to. And guess what? Afterwards, I didn’t have any pain either! It’s a miracle. Most people are sore for weeks/months. Anyway, I shall go now. I will post an update when I upload the video!



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