Product Review: Gummy Bear Soap

Today is a product review: gummy bear soap from Vat19! My boyfriend bought this for me for my birthday a couple of years ago, and since my pile of soaps and perfumes is so large, I didn’t even start to use this until a month ago. Even though the expiry date clearly reads May 2015 . . . let’s just pretend we don’t see that.

The flavour that I got is “Piña Colada“. It smells good, but not as good as I thought it would smell. I pictured it kinda being like in just a huge bowl filled to the rim with sweet gummy bears, but it’s more like a hidden scent that you really got to put your mind to if you want to get a whiff of it. Seriously, it’s that hard. Now, my boyfriend kindly pointed out that it could be because of the expiry date, and perhaps if I used it sooner the scent would be more prominent. 

As you can read down below, the Soap Facts state that this soap will last 100 hand washes, or 25 showers. I feel like I used it more than 25 times however, so maybe the soap lasts longer than expected! The soap is a good size and obviously an adorable shape. The packaging is perfectly awesome, and if you love gummy bears and piña coladas, then this is the soap for you!

Click here to buy gummy bear soap for yourself or as a gift for a friend!

IMG_0243 IMG_0244 IMG_0245

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