This is just a small update! I haven’t posted a new blog post in a week now, which I am really sorry about. I’ve been extremely busy lately. As you all know, it is now December! We can begin to celebrate Christmas without feeling guilty about it! Woo-hoo! I just put up my Christmas tree on the weekend. Also, Hammie went to her very first vet appointment last Thursday! She was being a very good hammy. Unfortunately I won’t be able to post much this week either. But more posts are coming up soon. There will be more quote posts, life posts, book posts, video game posts, and of course, blogs about Christmas. I hope everyone is having a good December thus far! Talk to you all soon. — Victoria ❣

Summertime, Sunshine ☼ ☀

Today, is June 21st. That also marks the first day of summer! No more stressing over school or exams, and getting tons of time off! Whether you’re taking summer courses, working, hanging out with friends, going on vacation, or simply just staying home watching Netflix, summer break is always an awesome time for all. As for me, this summer is going to be the busiest summer yet. I’m taking an online course, taking driver’s ed, working, going on tons of trips, stepping into the process of publishing the final copy of my book, spending time with family, friends, and my boyfriend, and somewhere in between, trying to find some “me” time. Hope everyone has a great summer! I already spent some time at the beach, and went canoeing! 

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