Reaction Video: Our First Animation

It’s been over a year since my boyfriend and I uploaded our first animation called “Pizza Oven”. Since it was so awfully funny, we decided to do a reaction video to it to celebrate the one year anniversary of it being on the web. Yes, you are allowed to make fun of it and how bad it was.


The Video:


The Latest and Greatest

Calling all animation fans! Last week I uploaded two new SFMs: “Mangle Kisses Foxy” and “The New Hot Mangle”. The first one is the next “Mean Girls” parody and the other is an original, which was inspired by the “Spongebob Squarepants” episode “The Two Faces of Squidward” where Squidward gets hit in the face by a door then suddenly turns gorgeous. There are a few nip slips in our video, though, just to warn you. Sorry. We tried our best to use the blur effect but I guess it just didn’t want to cover a fox’s chest. 

The Latest SFMs

Our YouTube is most popular for our animations, so we have released the next “Mean Girls” in the series where Foxy asks Chica out before the infamous Halloween party, and then we recreated the Rock-afire Explosion’s performance of “Pop, Lock & Drop It” with the Five Nights at Freddy’s characters. Enjoy and subscribe for more!


New YouTube Videos

Hey everyone, the latest from YouTube is an animation from the movie “White Chicks” and a game play of “Five Nights at Freddy’s” night six with my boyfriend, Jacob. Check them out on the video player below and don’t forget to subscribe! xx

Latest YouTube Videos

Recently I made a whole bunch of new YouTube videos, including two new animations, one new game play, and a new vlog. Check them out and don’t forget to subscribe! xx

In the video above, I talk about how people are stealing my videos. I said it once and I’m going to say it again: PLEASE DO NOT STEAL MEDIA THAT DOES NOT BELONG TO YOU. That includes fan art, fan fiction, fan games, videos, game plays, SFMs, pictures, and other forms of media. These are things that people work hard at to enjoy with the rest of the community. It’s not cool to steal from other people. Make your own work.

Mean Girls

My latest YouTube video is up. For this one, I made an animation, mixing Five Nights at Freddy’s and Mean Girls together. Watch it and like it! Also visit my channel by clicking here. There’s more videos to come and blogs so subscribe for more and get updated when I release something new!


Thanks xoxo

Pizza Oven

Have you ever wondered what it would look like to have a bunny, a chicken, and a bear all sing about pizza together? Yeah. Me neither. But I made an animation (or, SFM, technically) of it for all of you to enjoy! The original song is “Evil Woman”, but Chuck E Cheese a few years back did a parody of that song called “Pizza Oven”. I made the pitch higher for Chica (the chicken) to sing it. More SFMs are coming soon, I am really excited about it! Please subscribe for more!

xoxo Victoria

Here’s lyrics for you guys to follow along:


Pizza with extra cheese . . . you sure know how to please my tummy!

– Piano/Guitar Solo –

Hey pizza you’ve got the cheese
Sauce and those toppings taste good to me
Pepperoni and sausage too
Then add some veggies they’re good for you
There’s a hole in my hand, where you go in
A tasty pizza, my meal again
But one more thing before I eat
Oh tasty pizza you need some heat!


Pizza Oven
Pizza Oven
Pizza Oven
Pizza Oven

Roll in from my long day
It’s dinner time what do you say
I think you know where I’m going here
I want some pizza you know my dear
Different toppings, combos, they keep it new
Never gets old and I say thank you
I really need you, the truth be told
Without you oven my pizza’s cold!


Pizza Oven
Pizza Oven
Pizza Oven
Pizza Oven

– Piano Solo –

Mmmmmmmmm [yeah, yeah, yeah!]
Mmmmmmmmm [whooaaaaaaa]
Mmmmmmmmm [woooohoooo]


Pizza Oven [Oh pizza oven!]
Pizza Oven [Oh pizza oven!]
Pizza Oven [Oh pizza oven!]
Pizza Oven

Dinner bells, I hear them ring
Oh pizza oven, you make me sing
Yum yum pizza, for every meal
My pizza oven she knows the drill
Pizza, comes out hot, I must admit
Pasqually, make sure you wear your oven mitts
I might be purple but never blue
My pizza oven knows what to do!


Pizza Oven
Pizza Oven
Pizza Oven
Pizza Oven [x2]