Top 5 Favorite Blogs

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Back in 2015, I made a small list of my favorite three bloggers. I intended to do it again but unfortunately forgot about it until now (five years later, I suck, I’m sorry). Some of them have stayed the same because my taste has mostly remained the same, but I have included a few new ones in there for you to check out! I mostly follow lifestyle and fashion blogs but I am always interested in broadening my blog list. If you have any blogs that you think I should take a look at, please leave the link in the comment section! I am always down to discover new favorites. 

#1.) Zoella

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Zoella (whose real name is Zoe Sugg) was first on my last list too, and she still remains there to this day. Some of you may recognize Zoella as a YouTuber with eleven million (whaaat?!) subscribers, but she began her journey to fame as a small lifestyle blogger back in 2009 when she was working a job she hated (sound familiar?). Now in addition to her online persona, Zoella has extended her brand into a makeup line, a clothing line, and even a line of products for your home! Zoella is the definition of a boss babe and I love reading her blog. She posts recipes, style and beauty tips, and everything else to appease the modern woman.

Find her at

#2.) Fat Mum Slim

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Another blogger that made it from 2015’s list to 2020’s list of my favorite bloggers is a woman named Chantelle who blogs under the name Fat Mum Slim. Now, I don’t have kids (thankfully) but this blogging mom can be appealing to women at any age and life experience. She does blog about a lot of family related matters but her humorous and bright personality make them entertaining to read, even for those of us without children of our own. She also posts yummy recipes, life tips, and she is probably most known for her “Photo A Day” challenge which has accumulated over 23 million participants worldwide.

Find her at

#3.) Flip and Style

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The next blog is the most aesthetically pleasing website I have ever laid my eyes on. Flip and Style is managed by a young woman named Vanessa who has a keen eye for everything feminine and pink. As someone who is quite fond of the color pink, her blog instantly stood out above the rest. I stumbled across her blog one evening while trying to find girly wallpapers for my iPhone, and ended up spending the next couple of hours on her website, fascinated with both its content and appearance. As you may have guessed it, Flip and Style is a fashion blog. One of Vanessa’s quotes are:

“My main aim in life is to make everything around me positive and beautiful.”

She is definitely accomplishing that goal with Flip and Style. Also, isn’t that name just super fun to say?

Find her at

#4.) Lauren Conrad

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Who remembers Lauren Conrad from the television show The Hills? Or perhaps her book series L.A. Candy? Lauren Conrad has been a fashion icon since 2004 when she first appeared in the television show Laguna Beach, and she has been shining ever since. Her lifestyle blog has a little bit of everything, so no matter who you are or what you’re into, you’ll find something interesting on Lauren’s blog. Lauren posts lifestyle tips, recipes, and is an advocate for the Black Lives Matter movement. She recently posted a couple blog posts about diversity and how to educate ourselves on systemic racism. 

Find her at

#5.) Planner Perfect

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Just recently I came across the blog Planner Perfect, and thus far I have been really enjoying it. It’s definitely different than most blogs I read (in a good way). A woman named Jenny runs Planner Perfect in hopes to help individuals lead a more organized and productive lifestyle. In essence, the blog is literally a digital planner that can help you stay on track, also giving lots of great tips and tricks. There are recipes, tips for success, and hacks written to help you live your best life. If you want to get organized and have fun doing it, then look no further! Planner Perfect has got you covered. 

Find her at

Thanks for reading! Hopefully you have added a few of these on your list of blogs to read. Feel free to drop links to your favorite blogs in the comments that you think I should check out! 




“Monster High” Book Review


Hello loves. Instead of writing out my whole book review, I shall just show you the video in which I talk about it. To summarize, I gave this book a 6.5 out of 10. I love Lisi Harrison and she’s very sweet and all of her book series are pretty entertaining. The books aren’t what I would classify as great literature, but they are fun to read and the characters are cool. There’s a lot of things that make me angry in the books (well, all of Lisi’s books to be exact) but that doesn’t stop me from reading them. To learn more about the review, click the video below.

Also I just have to say, I think I prefer the cartoons! I absolutely love the cartoon and I think that it’s great for kids because it teaches life lessons unlike what I had when I was younger. (I had My Scene. All they did was shop, party, and talk about their boyfriends. Congratulations corporate companies, kids media keeps getting better and better!)


In my opinion though, My Scene will still always be the greatest thing on this planet. Well, one of them, anyway.


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NEW Blog Segment: #AuthorProblems


Hey bloggers! I just released a new segment on my blog called Author Problems. As you may have guessed, it’s all about the funny problems that us bloggers/authors share. Go here to view them and go here to add your own. Also use the hash-tag #AuthorProblems on Facebook and Twitter to share the author problems! Have a great Friday everyone. — Victoria ❣

Goodbye Christmas


I hope everyone had an awesome Christmas! It came and left so early, it always seems. I had a fun time and the gifts were a bit overwhelming (which is an extremely good thing!) The next big event is New Year’s Eve, of course. Then after that, it’s the new year! What are your resolutions this year, if any? I always make a list with ten resolutions and check them off as they come true. This year, I think I got 6/10. Not too shabby! I’m also excited for 2015 because I’m going to start blogging like crazy. Already have a line up with reviews (books, beauty, random items, etc) and other cool stuff. I also want to start connecting with some other bloggers! You can never have too many blog buddies. 🙂 I’m taking a different route now with Mackenzie High. This is also the year that I go crazy with the publication process. Fingers crossed! Wish me luck! And for the writers/readers out there, you know how annoying writer’s block can be. So any suggestions for blog topics would be great! As we close off the Christmas season and welcome in the new year, we step into a clean state and can really make the upcoming year the best one yet! Always stay positive. ❤ Victoria 

Answering Questions

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Because, what’s a blog without some Q&A’s?!

What was the highlight of your week?

I honestly do so much throughout the week that I can’t really remember everything I did. 
Whose car were you in last?

My mom’s and I was driving it.

What colour shirt are you wearing?
Gray. It’s from American Eagle and it’s Jacob’s. ❤

How long is your hair?
I don’t measure it, but I would say almost 30 inches, maybe around 20? It reaches past by butt and I’m 5’6”, so you do the math.

Last movie you watched?
Romeo and Juliet (the 1996 one.)

Who were you with?

Last thing you drank?
Iced coffee from Tim Horton’s.

Are you happy right now?
Very; but a little stressed because I have a lot to do and more blogs to write.

What did you say last?
“Okay. Bye!”

Where is your phone?
On my bed.

What colour are your eyes?
Chocolatey brown.

Spell your name without vowels:
Vctr Lnn Hcnr

Do you have any pets?

Dog: Belle,

hamster: Hammie,

fish: Engelbert and Donatello,

and frog: Fredward. (Had a frog named Tealittle but died last month, R.I.P)

Favourite vacation?
Somewhere that’s warm, plenty to do, and is adventurous. Some of my fave in the past were going to West Edmonton Mall (Alberta), Florida, and Toronto.

What do you dislike currently?
The fact that I have so much to do and so little time to do it. It’s already past midnight and I have plans in the afternoon tomorrow. 😡

What are you listening to?
Nothing at the moment. Last song though was “Haven’t Met You Yet” by Michael Bublé.

If you could have one thing right now what would it be?
Ten billion dollars.

What is your favourite scent?
I can’t pick one scent. There are so many. The top of the list would be anything that smells like cookies, chocolote, strawberry, and/or vanilla. And sweet candy-esque smells. Oh, and I love Nicki Minaj’s perfume they smell good. I also like the way my boyfriend smells. 

Who makes you happiest?
Jacob and Yasmin. ❤

What were you doing at midnight last night?
Working on my novel or watching TV.

When is your birthday?
August 21st, 1997 at 8 AM ish.

Who has the same phone as you?
So many people. But my case makes it the cutest.

Last time you went swimming in a pool?
A few weeks ago at the gym. I used to have my own pool but I moved in November. 😦

Do you read your horoscope?
Sometimes. I used to every day on Facebook but the app had a glitch so I stopped. It was so accurate though, it was scary. But the best book overall for horoscopes is “The Element Encyclopedia of Birthdays” by Theresa Cheung. It’s actually amazing.

Where was the last place you bought something?
A caramel frappuccino last night at Starbucks.

How do you feel about your hair right now?
My hair is so beautiful. Sometimes I get bored of it, though. I really want to dye it and get a wavy perm. No way I’m cutting it though.

Do you bite your nails?
No I take such good care of my nails. I cut them every Friday night and take care of my cuticles daily. Not too big of a fan of nail polish, though. I do bite the skin around my nails. And I’m doing it right now. F**k. 

Do you have any expensive jewellery?

How fast have you driven a car?

No more than 60 km/h. I’m still a G1 license only, unfortunately. ‘Till November when I get my car.

Have you ever smoked? 

Never have, never will. I enjoy keeping my money and lungs healthy thank you.

What was or is your favourite subject in school? 

Even though I have a 90% average, I actually don’t even like school . . . I guess science, if I had to pick one.

Dream Job?

Best selling author for my books.

Where does most of your family live?

Ontario, Canada.

Are you an only child or do you have siblings?

I have an older brother.

Would you consider yourself to be spoiled?
Oh yes.

What was the first thing you thought when you woke up?
Crap, I have so much shit I gotta do today.

Do you drink?
Sometimes, but not to get drunk, I don’t like drinking in that sense. Once in a while I will have a drink because of the occasion or I like the drink itself.

Do you have any children?
No but I definitely want some when I’m married to my soulmate. ❤

Did you take a nap today?
Nope, had a ten hour sleep so I’m good.

Who has the same birthday as you?
Hayden Panettiere.

Ever met anyone famous before?
Yes. Not worldwide fame but still with fame. And I’m meeting Oprah in September so then that will be a big yes.

Do you want to be famous one day?
Hell yes. Mackenzie High definitely has that potential.

Any Pet Peeves?

  • After I’m done cleaning the kitchen, and people put their dirty dishes in the sink rather than the dishwasher.
  • When I’m trying to focus, and some loud and/or annoying noise ruins it.
  • People who blast their music so other people can hear it (in cars, their house, on the bus, etc.) It’s rude, man.
  • When people chew with their mouths open.
  • Messes, especially when I fixed them up.
  • Things that are unorganized or not to my liking. I have OCD, okay?

Do you like Britney Spears?

Never met her in person. As for her music, some songs are good, but I wouldn’t call myself a fan.

What is your least favourite chore?
Call me crazy but I actually don’t mind chores. I like doing the dishes and having a clean house. I guess dusting, though. It’s boring.

How many pairs of shoes do you own?
Many. Please don’t make me count.

How many piercings do you have?

What’s the stupidest thing you ever did with your cell phone?
My old phone used to unlock and call people automatically, so I would always be with my boyfriend and I’d accidentally call my mom, most of the time she wouldn’t pick up so there would be like a half an hour long voice-mail of us talking haha.

Do you wish you could move?
No, I like where I live. Obviously I want to travel and stuff, but I don’t mind it at all.

If you could be anywhere right now where would it be?
On a world book signing tour with my boyfriend and mom.

Are you happy with your life?
Yes, I am so thankful for everything in my life and who I am. I would never want to be anyone else.

What is one regret in your life?
I went through an immature phase in grade nine. Though I don’t really consider it a regret, because everything in life brings you to who you are today. Still, I was an annoying-ass fourteen year old.

cdadsfdsfdsThanks for reading! Love, Victoria Hecnar.