My Trip To Alberta, Canada ❄❄❄

Good evening!

I hope everyone’s Christmas went great, and that you’re all looking forward to the new year! I have some pretty cool stuff coming up in the new year that I’m excited to show you guys, but until then, I’ll be making a few more blog posts!

Last month, I had the privilege of traveling to Alberta, Canada for work. I’ve been before when I was 13, but haven’t been since. Although it’s extremely cold there, I have to say, it’s much of a nicer place than where I live. The people are much nicer in Alberta, the scenery is just gorgeous, and there’s a lot to do and see. We were in Jasper, Alberta and Edmonton, Alberta. In Jasper is where we saw all of the mountains, lakes, and animals (including the cute little caribou in the picture below). In Edmonton, we went to the West Edmonton Mall, which is the biggest shopping centre in Canada. They’ve got plenty of stores, an ice rink, a water park, an amusement park, hotels with themed rooms, and more. Since we were mostly busy with work, we didn’t have much time to do a lot at the mall but we got to go on a roller coaster and go out to eat which was pretty fun.

There’s some photos I took below. Have you ever visited Alberta?



October Days



Yes, it’s a little late. But how could I possibly skip writing about one of the best months in the year, October? There’s so many great things that start to happen in October that we can all be thankful about. Things like:

1.) Leaves Falling


© Wikia

Sure, for some it may be a sad indicator that the warm weather is slowly starting to fade away, and with that summer fades, too. However, you’re sure to smile when you look out of your window or go outside and the beautiful coloured leaves are all around you. How can you not appreciate that?

2.) Sweaters


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Goodbye, redundant summer clothes! The best part about the weather cooling down is you get to break out the most stylish things in your closet to wear. The sweaters, the boots, the scarves, oh my! Time to grab your cash and go shopping for some more. You can never have too many knit sweaters to your collection!

3.) Hot Drinks



Whether it’s a hot chocolate from Tim Hortons or a salted caramel mocha from Starbucks or just a classic coffee, there’s no denying that these tasty drinks will not only warm you up and make you feel toasty, but warm up your heart, too. I’m in love! Definitely a perk. 

4.) Thanksgiving (Canadian)



Gobble gobble! 

5.) Halloween (and Halloween movies)

© The Nightmare Before Christmas

© The Nightmare Before Christmas

Halloween—the most fun holiday of the year next to Christmas! Whether you’re scaring or the one being scared, you know you’re in for a real treat on Halloween night. 

Hopefully October treats each and every single one of you well. And if it hasn’t already, may it start now! By the way: I’m writing a blog “Things To Do On Halloween” this week. Come check it out!

– Victoria xoxo cdadsfdsfds

Vacationing In Toronto

Hey bloggers, I am writing to you from a train. (And it looks like it’s about to rain, soon 😦 !) I won’t be blogging for the next week because I will be in the beautiful city of Toronto, Ontario, Canada! Also known as, one of my favorite cities in Canada to visit. I’m going with my boyfriend Jacob, it’s our first vacation ever together so we’re both pretty excited. 😆 Another two hours or so on the train; it’s around four in total to get to from where I live to Toronto. What’s your favorite thing to do in Toronto? I LOVE the CN Tower (not recommended for those who have a fear of heights), and the aquarium, and Toronto Island, and, of course, all of the shopping centers and downtown Toronto. Write in the comments a few things you love to do in Toronto, and we’ll check them out. ❤

Just a bit longer to go until we’re in this beautiful city!


Hope you’re all enjoying your August so far!


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Happy Canada Day and Happy 4th of July! I hope you all had an awesome time this past week. Us North Americans gotta stick together!




A few weeks ago, I went to the annual fireworks show at the Detroit River. They were the best this year out of every year so far! Some of the fireworks were shaped as hearts and smiley faces, which was pretty cool. 

at the Detroit River.

at the Detroit River.


I hope you’re all having an awesome summer so far. Sincerely,

cdadsfdsfds [Victoria Hecnar]

Image Credit: USA/Canadian Flags,  © & ARC Gritt on 24 November 2006