5 Worst Types of People at the Gym

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The 5 Worst People At The Gym Are…

Firstly, I just want to say that I stay in the women’s only section at the gym. I’m sure there are males that have very bad gym habits, too. But this blog post will just be referring to the females. I refuse to work out with the men because while our workout section smells like showers, roses, and perfume, the men’s section smells like a sweaty armpit. Seriously, what is the science between women smelling so much better than men?!

1.) The Competitive One                   

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These girls are so annoying. Oh, you’re running at a seven speed? Well let me just crank my treadmill up to an eight point five! Oh, you’re lifting twenty pounds? Let me lift fifty! These girls (and I am assuming there are men like this too) just don’t understand that the gym is not the Olympics and it’s not a competition on who is running and who is walking on the treadmill. They’re the ones that’re always staring at you, just trying to see how they can one up you. Please stop. 

2.) The Conceited One 

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When you are working out, of course you want to see how you look and how your progress is coming along. But it’s one of my pet peeves when girls and guys just full on stare at themselves in the mirror. Like, do you even blink? No matter what they are doing or where they are, their gaze is permanently locked on the mirror while doing literally anything at all. Cardio, fat burning, weights, you name it. Get a room. 

3.) The Kiss and Teller 

“Oh, he was so hot, I totally love him, he totally loves me, we made out last night and blah blah blah.” Probably one of the most annoying ones in my opinion are the ones who are either with their friends or on the phone and are blabbing all of their really personal business aloud, loud enough so everyone else hears. Let me tell you something: No one else cares who you went home with last night, no one cares about that party, no one cares about your boobs and no one cares about how high and/or drunk you got last night. Just keep that to yourself, or tell your friends in a non public place. This, ladies and gentlemen, is why they invented soundproof headphones. 

4.) The Hoarder 

Sometimes there’s only one of a certain machine, and of course everyone wants their turn. But there’s always that one person who’s on the machine for, like, an hour. They’re texting, they’re fixing their hair, they’re playing mobile games, or taking a sip from their iced cold beverage. But the only thing they’re not doing is working out on the actual machine. Do your reps, and get out of there to let other people have a chance at that particular machine! Five to ten minutes, tops. 

5.) The Clingy One

You met them at the gym once or twice, now suddenly they think you’re their best friend. It’s constantly calling you up to ask you if you’re working out today, or texting, or in the worst case scenario, both. You like them and all but they just don’t understand that exercising is something that you’d prefer to do on your own. No matter how hard you try, you can’t get rid of them. But you can’t just get up and switch gyms—you’ll just have to find a way to put it to them nicely, “No.” 

Well, those types of people are the ones that annoy me the most at the gym. I think they relate to both men and women. What are your biggest gym pet peeves?

Have a great week,


Why I Hate Feminists


If you want to be offended, go ahead.

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1.) Nitpicking 

For feminists, every little thing in media that involves a woman, is another way to get mad at the world. “Oh my gosh, that woman is wearing pink in that advertisement! That is sooooo sexist!” “Oh my gosh, that girl is wearing flowers in that perfume ad! How degrading to women!” “Oh my gosh, they have a mom’s section for books and have cookbooks underneath it, how sexist!”

Things like that piss me off. First off, you’re just discriminating against the colour pink. There’s nothing wrong with a woman wearing pink in an ad, and it’s not supposed to say anything. She could be wearing blue, orange, black, purple. Guys wear pink. Girls wear blue. What’s the big deal? Another chance to be negative. And of course she’s wearing flowers in an ad about perfume. Perfume is supposed to smell nice. And don’t even get me started on the cookbook one. If it was a father’s section with cookbooks, no one would even look twice. No big deal, right? See, feminists are the most hypocritical people on the planet and the funny thing is, they’re ignorant about it, even to their own actions. Guess what? Newsflash: some women like to cook. Newsflash: some men like to cook. Other newsflash: mother’s day is soon, and they probably had those out on display because of that reason. IT’S NOT SEXIST UNTIL YOU MAKE IT SEXIST. It’s a damn book. It’s a damn colour. Of course there’s going to be totally sexist things. Like on Facebook, there’s constantly pictures of rape jokes and sexual jokes. Mostly towards women.Those are disgusting, yes, and they’re obvious. But when little ads pop up, when things like that happen, it’s nothing to get all heated up about. And little girls love to play dress up, and they like princesses. But feminists suggest that it’s “wrong”, that little girls’ outfits sold at stores that are turned pink shouldn’t be allowed. (For example: a pink Batman Halloween costume.) If the little girls are happy with it, it does it for me. They don’t understand the concept of sexism yet. They’re just doing what they like to do. If they wanted another colour, they would ask. So in conclusion, feminists nitpick a lot of crap.

2.) Men are the problem

This one is probably pretty self explanatory. Some feminists think that men are the reason we don’t have full equal rights yet. Um, do you ever watch the news? Look deeper into media? Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” video was both directed and casted by a woman. I love men! We need men as much as we need women, and no one should be more superior than the other. There are female politicians who are sexist. We’re doing it to ourselves. Men aren’t the problem in this situation; it’s what the media makes of us, and what we let it do to us.

3.) Their opinion is right, yours is wrong

Yep. Never try to argue with a feminist. You’ll just end up having a headache. So, I’m the kind of person that generally will have an open mind when it comes to things. Last week I was having an argument with a feminist about a picture we saw on the internet. She had said it was sexist; I just thought it was shaming skinny people. Then, she told me why she had found it sexist: because a size 0 is like saying a woman is nothing to some people. Okay, sure, I understood. I got the point even though I didn’t think of it that way at first, & even though I didn’t agree. But most feminists? Nu-uh. And the sad part is, a lot of it is in spite of hypocrisy. Women want to go out on the street wearing a tight dress, which is fine. But then, they complain when a women is wearing a tight dress in a music video. 

Feminists are doing what they’re trying to change, and they wonder why hardly any improvements have been made. I hate when guys objectify women, don’t get me wrong about that. And of course in summertime I will be wearing my short-shorts. But you can’t say that you hate when a girl wears barely nothing on an advertisement, but then do it yourself, and get mad when people judge you for it. However if you try to tell them this, they’ll instantly cuss you out. If they have an opinion and you try to give them some insight, they’ll automatically have some sort of defence mode on, and nothing you say will go through to them. Close minded, because they think they’re doing what’s right for them. Which could be very true, if they weren’t bitching at it going on in the media.

4.) Blame the advertisers but never blame the women

The Representation Project is notorious for this one. Every day, we see thousands and thousands of advertisements. A lot with hidden messages, that are objectifying women, and can be considered to be quite offensive. But, in the eyes of a feminist, the only one to blame here is the advertiser. WAKE UP WORLD. The advertising company isn’t forcing the girls to do it. The girls are taking away their dignity and respect, and going to do it. They want to do it. Yet here we are, not getting mad at the girls, but the advertisers. If every female model that is provocative were to step up and say, “This is degrading and objectifying my body. I don’t want to do this.” Then advertisers would be forced to start creating healthy ads that depict women in a more sensitive way. Of course that’s not going to happen. People like the idea of fame, people like the idea of glamour, and people like the idea of a lot of cash. But feminist action groups everywhere are merely looking at it, and saying: “Wow. The advertisers disrespect women so much”. Uh, no. The women are choosing to disrespect themselves. And also, a lot of feminists will disrespect themselves too, just like the girls in the ads. But instead of it being an issue, they’re simply having “the same sexual freedom as men.” But (some) women want to sleep around and look slutty with no judgement involved because there is nothing wrong with it. But whenever it’s to do with media, it’s “degrading”, not “portraying how women really are” and “disgusting”. Another factor would be, men are also sexually exploited in the media. “Old Spice” and tons of shaving ads are good examples. There are thousands of advertisements with half naked men, yet we never say that there’s anything wrong with that. I guess this article is mainly about hypocrisy. Choose one or the other. Do you like the idea of being provocative, or do you want a pure, respective world? Next time you see an ad with a woman in tight tight shorts and no shirt, or an ad of a woman implying she’s being raped, don’t think that the advertisers are fully to blame. The girls never were forced into anything (at least, not in this country.) They want to do it; but of course, feminists are rooting for the women, so they’ll never call them out.

5.) Equal sex rights for women 

Let me start off by saying, that I have traditional views on sex and love. I do not believe in promiscuity. I do not believe in sex without love. I do not believe in one night stands. Feminists judge me on this all the time because they say that I am being oppressive, and judging others, or that I have internalized misogyny. You’re judging my opinion, so what makes you any better than me? I have the right to say that I believe in sex with love only, just as you have the right to talk about every guy you’ve ever “fucked” when you’re with your friends in public. Also, I am against gender stereotyping. Sluts can be man, or woman. There’s no role for either or. Sluts & whores are both men and women. To all of the people out there saying: “If someone has sex with 1,000 different people, they’re not a slut, they’re just having a lot of sex.” Yeah, I am not even going to begin to write about that statement. I’m not a prude, I’m not oppressed, I don’t have internalized misogyny and  I’m not saying not to have sex. I just believe in two very important things. 

  1. Have sex when in a serious relationship only.
  2. Don’t talk about it/brag in public.

I’m the type of person who doesn’t necessarily like to judge. I’m not trying to hurt anyone. All I see is the media and teenagers and adults everywhere I look, talking about sex like it’s just some game you play for fun. A nightly ride or a thrill. Another thing I also believe, is people just haven’t found the right person. They’ve never really been in “love”, so they think that’s all sex is, just for fun, only because they never experienced what it should be. I’m lucky to have found my soulmate so young, but people are giving themselves away to random people. Sex is a big step on the way to happiness and joy. There is nothing wrong with it if it is followed with faithfulness and decency. I am in love with what Lady Gaga said in an interview as well as the YouTuber Trisha Paytas said. They said that they don’t like to be promiscuous because whenever they have sex with random people they feel as though a part of them is being take that they can’t get back. Trisha also said that she used to be promiscuous and felt as though she was empty whenever someone would have sex with her that she didn’t love because it made her feel like a part of  her was missing, but then when she was in a serious relationship she said that he completed her and gave it back. Lady Gaga said that she felt as though they were taking her creativity. 

And again, this is the right opinion for me, whereas others may enjoy the idea of being promiscuous. I am not saying that you should not be able to do what you want to do. This is just what I believe, and I believe that promoting a promiscuous lifestyle is not healthy. 


I was on an application the other day that deals with feminism. There was a picture that said, “You can’t judge me and I can blow whomever I want.” I commented on it, saying it was trashy. As expected, a whole bunch of people were freaking out at me. The funny thing is, someone told me that I was judging. And then they judged me on my views on sex. Promiscuity is disgusting in both male and females. Sex is for love, it’s a beautiful thing and society takes that away by claiming it to be a recreational activity. It is so disgusting when girls/guys talk about their sex lives in public and with their friends. It’s you and your partner’s business, no one else’s, and it’s not something to brag about. Sex is such a personal thing. The most personal thing there is out there, and it is very special. I value love very highly and it honestly is so disturbing when all of these whores prance around like being promiscuous is something to be proud of. And maybe society does judge them differently, but I don’t. A slut is a slut no matter gender. One partner for life is my opinion. Whatever, call me a “slut shamer”, I’m happy to be one. Love is probably at the top of my highest values, so seeing it just being crushed and stepped on makes me really mad. Just like how some people believe just to give yourself away to anyone and everyone, which I could care less about, I just don’t want to hear you bragging about it when we’re in a crowd full of people. Women have equality but feminists need to still nitpick at something so they pick sexual liberation, which has nothing to do about equality but sex itself. I liked this one comment on Tumblr:

“Try liberating women in third world countries who are getting acid thrown into their face instead of telling little girls that it’s okay to be sleeping with 100’s of men and that there should be no consequences to their actions whatsoever.” 

I also wish that feminism in third world countries was just known as “human equality”.

I guess the story of this article comes down to one thing: believe what you want to believe, but don’t be hypocritical or lash out at others for not having the same opinion as you. Unfortunately, that’s what feminism has come to be.


UPDATE: 2014-04-22

Hey guys, thank you so much for all of your feedback! This post has stirred up quite a conversation within the past couple days, which I couldn’t be more thrilled about. I was able to talk to some of you on Facebook, and so many people posted amazing points that I did not include in this article. I don’t want to keep editing it, but I just thought of something that I want to ask women. It’s about the fact that we already have basically all the equal rights we possibly can. This is taken from the Women Against Feminism tumblr:

You call THIS oppression?

Women have the exact same rights as men:

  • voting
  • divorce
  • college
  • career
  • own property
  • marry who you want
  • live where you want
  • study for any job

And this is a paragraph that a guy wrote who I was talking to on Facebook that I thought raised some other awesome points:

Greg Maguire “Yes, the whole “size 0″ argument in this article, I also thought that was pretty ridiculous. Complaining that because a girl is a size 0 girl she is a nothing is really looking to be the victim. What is this particular size supposed to be called? Size A? But is a size 16 girl really valued more than a 10 or an 8 because it’s a bigger number? It’s just a bloody number, a bunch of figures in sequence. Really, it’s like the extreme feminist faction of western society has had it so so good for so long. They’ve never known war, they’ve never known poverty like earlier generations. They really have it all. And still they bitch and bitch that it’s not fair. Their mothers and grandmothers especially, yes, they were denied rights, and those generations had real gripes about how women got the short end of the stick. But this group of extremists today…god…they don’t know what to complain about, so they have to make up shit like this. Go to a culture where women ARE actually devalued, where they really ARE raped and abused and treated like property. THOSE women have something to complain about. Do something to improve their lot in life. But to sit here and nitpick about colours and numbers as a privileged elite Western woman is to truly ignore REAL discrimination and hardship. Victoria hit the nail right on the head. You’ll find sexism in anything if you’re trying to find it.”

Now, I want to ask all the women out there a question: Do you believe you have equal rights?