Ahhh, Autumn

As a child, autumn was always my least favourite season―the colder air a depressing sign of the long, chilling winters soon to come; the fallen leaves a cruel reminder that nothing lasts forever. 


Now, however, I would say it is one of my favourite seasons. What changed? To be honest, I have no idea, but I’m happy that it did. There is so much to love about fall: sweater/boots/leggings weather, pumpkin spice lattes, cozy pajamas, soft blankets, cuddling up on a chilly day, apple picking, pumpkins, and of course, Thanksgiving and Halloween!

To celebrate the coming of autumn, I will be dedicating a bunch of blog posts to this spooky, cozy season with yummy and easy fall recipes, do-it-yourself fall craft ideas, and fun activities to do during the fall season!

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A little FYI . . . This September, I started university for English Literature & Creative Writing (whoop-whoop!) while still working every day. Thus, I have been extremely busy and have not had a lot of time to make new posts. Heck, I haven’t even had time to think. But through this stressful, busy period of my life, I still hope to keep up with blogging as it is one of my greatest passions! Thank you for your continuous support.




15 Things To Do For Halloween



So everyone knows that Halloween is a time for the ghouls, ghosts, monsters, and everything in between to come and haunt us all and scare us. But what else is there to do on Halloween other than the obvious? If you’re stuck on what to do for Halloween night, then look no further. Here is a list I created for all of you. The 15 things to do for Halloween are . . . .

1.) Go Trick-or-Treating

It doesn’t matter if you’re a kid, a parent taking a kid, or an adult by yourself. Halloween’s number one tradition is to get dressed up in the best costume possible and go get some free candy! Back in the day you had to dance for your candy or make the person laugh but nowadays, you get it for free. (Phew). In my opinion, as long as you have the right spirit and have a good costume, you have every right to go trick-or-treating! So no matter your age, trick-or-treating is always a fun and affordable option. 

2.) Scare People

Tip: Only scare people you know. On October 30th many years ago, there was such thing as “Devil’s Night”, the night before Halloween where people would go onto the streets, harming people and setting things on fire. Detroit was bad for that. But hey, as long as you’re not burning anything down or killing anyone, who says you can’t have a little fun? You can go out on either nights and cause a little mischief! Recommended for family, friends, and acquaintances only. Have fun with it!

3.) Have a Halloween Movie Night

Wanting a little more private and comfort on Halloween night? No biggy. Grab your favourite snacks, your favourite friend or partner, wear your favourite pajamas and decorate your room (with dim lighting) for the ultimate movie marathon experience. Watch scary movies (and friendly family ones) all night long. 

4.) Go to a Haunted House

There are hundreds of haunted houses per city! Find one that is best suited for you depending on location, price, and time. (and scare level, maybe). Grab some friends and go to a haunted house. Try not to scream too much! Haunted houses definitely fit the Halloween mood.

5.) Go to the Movies

Preferably a horror flick. Go alone or with a friend/partner to the movies on Halloween night for some fun. 

6.) Go to a Restaurant

Halloween grub, anyone? As long as it’s not human limbs and eyeballs! Go on a date or just hang with friends at a fancy restaurant on Halloween night. Everything’s better when you have a happy stomach!

7.) Bake Halloween Cookies

Sugar cookies are truly the point of life. Bake Halloween themed cookies and other sweets such as red candy apples and brownies. Those are some pretty scary tasty treats!

8.) Go to a Halloween Party

Put on your costume and go dance your butt of at a fun Halloween themed party. Themed scary or cute, whatever floats your boat!

9.) Create Your Own Halloween Party

Be known as the ultimate party thrower on Halloween night. Make your house look so scary beyond compare. Invite as many people as you want. Decide on the time, food, drinks, games, give-aways, music, and more!

10.) Go Apple Picking

Fun with your family or with your friends, go apple picking. It sets your mood and welcomes the fall! It smells deliciously good walking through the stacks of hay and trees too pick those sweet tasting apples. Yummy!

11.) Go to the Theatre

There’s typically some good Halloween themed productions going on for Halloween night. Check with your city’s theatres to find out more information!

12.) Hand Out Candy

Yes, trick-or-treating is quite fun. However, where would they be without the hander-outers?! Go to the store and grab some candy, or get some fries and ice cream coupons from Wendy’s or McDonald’s for $2 for a pack of 4-8 coupons. Or, even better, make your own!

13.) Make Your House the Scariest on the Block

It’s Monday. Halloween’s Friday. Better get out there to make your house the most bone-chilling one on the block!

14.) Dress Up with Your Pet

This one is fun, affordable, and adorable. Buy a Halloween costume for your pet (click here) and buy yourself a similar one. Check for events around your city that involves bringing your pet to. This typically includes walk-a-thons and charities to help the humane society. It’s a woofing-good time!

15.) Carve Pumpkins/Jack-O-Lanterns

You cannot skip the pumpkin/jack-o-lantern on Halloween. It’s tradition for a lot of people. Get ready to get your hands dirty! Decorate your pumpkins however you please. Want to have more fun? Make sure you do this outside or make sure your house is covered in newspaper and/or towels and have a pumpkin fight! That stuff is loads of gooey fun!


Have a good week everyone! Only five days left until Halloween!

– Victoria xoxo



Halloween Is Coming

Halloween is coming! Halloween is my second favourite holiday of the year, next to Christmas. 

I didn’t get a picture of all of my decorations, but my house looks pretty cool for Halloween. There’s gravestones everywhere, cobwebs, spiders, bones, creepy gates, a guy that looks like Voldemort from Harry Potter, skeleton guys wearing black head cloth, and a dead bride and groom. The dead groom is looking creepily at the dead bride, and there’s purple, green, and black lights everywhere. Since I wasn’t able to get a photo of all of them yet, here’s a picture of what my garden looked like a few days ago (since then I’ve added more stuff):

FullSizeRender (1)

So let’s take a look at the stuff I have done so far to get prepared for Halloween . . .

1.) Put Halloween decorations up on the inside of my house.


2.) Put Halloween decorations up on the outside of my house.


3.) Bought Halloween nail decals.


4.) Drank an infinite number of pumpkin spice frappuccinos and lattes.


5.) Have my outfit ready for Halloween night.


6.) Baked Halloween Pillsbury cookies. (A must for Halloween and Christmas. Best cookies EVER.)


7.) Bought pointless items just because they were Halloween themed.


8.) Watched so many Halloween movies that I cannot even count them all.


9.) Planned what movie I will see on Halloween night.


10.) Planned what haunted house I will go to on Halloween night.


11.) Am prepared to be scared!


So, what do you guys think? Am I ready yet for Halloween? Have a great rest of the week everyone! It’s almost Friday! 🙂

Love, Victoria



Hello everyone! Here’s just a little update for you guys. I hope you like the VictoriaHecnar.com new design! I thought I’d be festive and put on a Halloween background, since it is my second favourite holiday next to Christmas. Also there’s a ton of new blogs coming up so be sure to follow my website to receive an e-mail every time I post. I have an update on my novel “Mackenzie High”. Its price has dropped down $5! Get it at my store: www.victoriahecnar.com/store. Lastly, my YouTube videos are set to go up in a couple of weeks so please subscribe if you like video games! www.youtube.com/victoriahecnar

October Days



Yes, it’s a little late. But how could I possibly skip writing about one of the best months in the year, October? There’s so many great things that start to happen in October that we can all be thankful about. Things like:

1.) Leaves Falling


© Wikia

Sure, for some it may be a sad indicator that the warm weather is slowly starting to fade away, and with that summer fades, too. However, you’re sure to smile when you look out of your window or go outside and the beautiful coloured leaves are all around you. How can you not appreciate that?

2.) Sweaters


© Tumblr

Goodbye, redundant summer clothes! The best part about the weather cooling down is you get to break out the most stylish things in your closet to wear. The sweaters, the boots, the scarves, oh my! Time to grab your cash and go shopping for some more. You can never have too many knit sweaters to your collection!

3.) Hot Drinks

© TheStar.com

© TheStar.com

Whether it’s a hot chocolate from Tim Hortons or a salted caramel mocha from Starbucks or just a classic coffee, there’s no denying that these tasty drinks will not only warm you up and make you feel toasty, but warm up your heart, too. I’m in love! Definitely a perk. 

4.) Thanksgiving (Canadian)

© TheHotComments.com

© MyHotComments.com

Gobble gobble! 

5.) Halloween (and Halloween movies)

© The Nightmare Before Christmas

© The Nightmare Before Christmas

Halloween—the most fun holiday of the year next to Christmas! Whether you’re scaring or the one being scared, you know you’re in for a real treat on Halloween night. 

Hopefully October treats each and every single one of you well. And if it hasn’t already, may it start now! By the way: I’m writing a blog “Things To Do On Halloween” this week. Come check it out!

– Victoria xoxo cdadsfdsfds

September—Fall, Halloween, Food, Seasonal Clothes Shopping, Etc


Listed above are only several of the things I love the most about the fall season. And there’s school, of course, although that may not be as cheerful for some. I hope you’re all doing great in whatever it is that you are pursing right now, whether that be high school, college, university, or in the workplace. Good luck everyone! 🙂 

I’m praying that the warmth of the summer lasts a bit longer. We’ve had such a cold winter that I’m definitely not going to rush anything. I’d take the heat over coldness any day, but there’s just so many perks to the colder seasons! I LOVE Halloween, fall/winter clothes (too much, actually), hot chocolate, etc. But let’s hope that summer lasts at least another three weeks or so. I can wait.