What’s In My Bag?

All over YouTube and blogs I see girls doing a video, showcasing the items that they carry in their bags and totes. I thought it’d be fun to jump on the bandwagon and create my own bag tag video. This is for spring 2015. Here is what I carry in my bag at all times: 

Enjoy! xx

Goodbye Hammie

Her name was Hammie and she was the most beautiful, loving, sweetest hamster in the whole world. I got her one evening in August. It was a day after I got my foot stung by a bee, and I was allergic, and my whole foot swelled up and I couldn’t even walk. I had McDonald’s for dinner that night and I wore red flats with my white dress with the black hearts. And there I walked into Pet Smart, where originally I was going to get a hermit crab for my room. For years I wanted a gold hamster named Hammie. A month before, my boyfriend and I talked about how cool it would be to get a hamster for my birthday. I tried to convince him to get me one, but Jacob said he wouldn’t do that without my mom’s permission. Well, damn.

Now this was two years ago, about five days after my birthday. And I saw her: Hammie, the gold hamster, the one I thought about getting for years but never actually thought I would. She was running on her wheel in a cage with another hamster, a darker one. Jacob and I laughed because her bum looked really big as she ran. I didn’t even look at the crabs. I saw the girl who worked there and asked if she can make sure no one buys her and she said, “No problem”. A bunch of kids looked at her but I knew that they couldn’t buy her so it was all good. I texted my mom pretending I already bought her, to see what she would say. Surprisingly she let me get her, she must’ve known how good I’ve gotten taking care of pets, having fish and frogs in my room for years. (We had rabbits and hamsters before, let’s just say I kinda neglected them. That’s why I was surprised she let me get one.) 

I stayed at that Pet Smart for four hours, walking around the area, going into Best Buy, then coming back around nine so I could get her and then catch my ride. The girl working there picked her up, said, “Come here, princess,” and she let me hold her. I’ll never forget the first time I ever pet her. I was so shocked that her fur was so soft. Softer than any other animal, including dogs and cats. It was so silky and beautiful. I loved her already.

That night she bit me and I accidentally dropped her on my floor. The next day I poked my hand in the cage while she was sleeping and she bit me again. Always listen to your parents, kids. My mom told me to leave her alone for a few days, but she was so cute, I just wanted to play with her! This is a picture from the night I got her, the very first picture of her ever:


You can see her yellow ball (which she hated) in the background, and I let her chew on my cuticle remover stick. She was just a baby, and absolutely adorable. It didn’t take me long to fall in love with her. Over the next year, she was right beside my bed. Literally, there’s a desk where she’d be. She was the first thing I looked at when I woke up, and the last thing I looked at before I fell asleep. When I came home, no matter where from, the first thing I would do is go up and pick her up and cuddle. Not take off shoes, coat, not pet my dog, just go straight to Hammie before anything else. She loved treats; her favourites were sunflower seeds, strawberry yogurt drops, and honey yogurt drops.

We were so close and did everything together. I thought about her all the time when we weren’t together. And we were always spending time together when we were. I bought her the cutest bedding, the most awesome toys, and gave her all the love in the world. She’s all I would ever talk about. I’m sure my family and friends got annoyed, but I always had so many stores to share. Like how one time, I left her bag of treats open and she ran into it, dug her claws into it so I couldn’t pull her out, and stuffed ten treats in her mouth. I had to shake the bag to get her out of it. Or the time when I took her to the vets and she was scared so she was climbing all over me to feel safe. Or when she stuffed her cheeks with food. Or the time when I gave her a huge treat and she refused to let go of it. She brought it on her wheel and refused to let it go. 

She meant the world to me and hopefully I meant the world to her. She was healthy, cute, and happy. Come November, I noticed that she was going blind. Her eyes were beginning to turn white in the middle. At first I tried to say it was my imagination, but a week later I knew it had to be cataracts. We took her to the vet where (sorry if you’re reading this) the vet had absolutely no idea whatsoever on what she was talking about. She said it wasn’t cataracts, and that she had a deformed pupil, etc, but I really think it was cataracts. So anyway, she was blind. From there on, I just thought about her dying and it made me so sad. The song “Gary Come Home” from Spongebob Squarepants made me feel even more sad, I just pictured terrible things:

  1. Her dying.
  2. Having to put her body in a box.
  3. Cleaning out her cage after she died.
  4. Living without her.

It was like a vicious cycle I couldn’t get out of. From November until February, I would cry at least once a week just thinking about it, and she was healthy then. Everyone knew she was my baby, everyone. Then one day, I took her out of her cage, and noticed a red mark underneath her chin. I almost cried like crazy but I thought to myself, “Calm down, it’s probably just nothing like her eyes.” To this day, I still have no idea what was wrong with her. But it’s what killed her. She got this two days before the new year. But she looked fine, was still healthy, etc. I didn’t know if it was a bite, a rash, or something else. But days went by and nothing happened. Okay. Then I noticed it started to get bigger, and freaked out, cried, the whole ordeal. Still acting/looking normal. Then it got worse, developed an odour, and I didn’t know what to do. People told me she was losing hair but I pretended not to notice. Should I take her to the vets? The vet is so pricey where I live, almost $100 just to get them looked at. So I didn’t want to go down that route. I tried online, found nothing. To this day I still regret it, saying I could’ve done something differently and it’s all my fault. But even if I took her, would they have known what it was? Probably not. The day before she died I actually made an appointment for the next day to take her in. And she died. I could’ve taken her that day but I didn’t want to.

It was February 12. I just got home from getting my nose ring changed from black to green. My mom made perogies for dinner and put a piece of lettuce on it, pretending to be fancy like how a restaurant does it. I gave a piece of the lettuce to Hammie, and she (in her sick form) gobbled it up right away. Even though she couldn’t walk, couldn’t clean herself, couldn’t do anything, she still loved her food. I didn’t take any pictures. It was too sad. Her bones were deformed, she lost a lot of her hair, she had open sores all over her body and she looked so sad. It was terrible. A few hours later I was watching a movie, and saw she hadn’t eaten her fave treat yet. Weird. This was at 11 PM. I picked it up (she was in her green hut) and I tried to show it to her. I poked my hand in her hiding spot, but she didn’t grab it. I peeked in, and saw her lying there, not moving, eyes open. I bawled. I thought she was already dead. I threw open the cage, took off the hut, and saw her. I picked her up and noticed she was breathing. Now, I have no idea still and never will if she was concious or not. I watched a video on YouTube of someone’s last minutes with their hammy so I knew what them dying looked like. This was it. So I don’t know if she was really there, or if her soul had gone already, but her body was still physically alive. She was barely breathing, and gasping for air. For three hours. She lay in my hand for three hours until she died. My boyfriend came over at one in the morning, an hour before she passed. It was Friday the 13th, the day she died. I hate that day even more now. Before she died, her muscles tensed and she grabbed onto my finger. Then she was gone. The moment I was fearing for months instead of just enjoying her being alive. I think it sort of prepared me, though. But I feel so bad. She didn’t die healthy, happy. She died sick and unrecognisable. She loved food until the day she passed, her last few days she’d just sit in her foot dish and snack. I miss her so much. It’s weird not coming home anymore and seeing her. Sometimes I still look to where her cage used to be and half expect to see her, then it hurts when I realize I just forgot she was gone for a second. It still feels like she’s here.

Some would say she was just a hamster, but for all of the hamster owners out there, you guys know how it is. Hammie made me so happy so I just want to tell her thanks for that, and that I loved her so much and I hope wherever she is now has a giant wheel, all the treats she can ask for, and maybe a friend or two. I only look back on good memories. The day she finally let me hold her, her favourite spot in a desk I had to get rid of, the look on her face when I showed her a treat. The way she cleaned herself, chewed on the bars, ran around my floor. I’m glad Hammie was a part of my life, even though it was only for a short time. I wish she would’ve made it to two years. But I’m glad I got to have her. She gave me eighteen months of happiness and joy. She meant everything to me and I adored her to the ends of the world. In the spring we are burying her and having a memorial. Right now the vets are keeping her body safe. But I feel an empty spot now. I got a locket that says “I Love You…” and I will put her picture in it so she can always be with me. A video tribute will be uploaded soon.

Goodbye, ❤ Hammie. ❤ Rest in peace wherever you are. I wish you could come home. I’d do anything to see you again even for a minute. ❤


Listen to Hammie’s little squeak here: 

Thank you for reading. R.I.P Hammie ❤


Live In The Moment


Live in the moment. Feel the cool breeze brush lightly through your hair. Watch all of the city lights around you at night time buzz with their exciting brightness. Listen to your surroundings; the soft and the loud. Touch things that catch your attention, and let your hands linger everlastingly. Take a sip of a warm frothy drink on a winter’s evening, savouring the warmth of it. Gaze into your partner’s eyes and hold their hand. Gently caress their soft skin, silently thanking them for being a part of your life. Lay down with them and put your head onto their chest, feeling their beautiful heartbeat as both your mind and body drift off into a deep slumber. Do what you want to do, see what you want to see, and be who you want to be. Because life is so short that it’ll all be over before we even know it. So capture this moment. Hold onto it and never let it fade away. Stop thinking about tomorrow. Stop thinking about yesterday. Just think about right now and the beauty that’s all around you. Live in the moment.

– Victoria xoxo


You Can Make A Difference In The World Every Day

Hello! For an activist who wants to start off small, I found an amazing website that allows you to help several different organizations per day.

The website and lead organization is “The Greater Good”. They specialize in many fields, including animals, rainforests, and breast cancer. On their website, you have many options to choose from. Here’s just a few of the things you can do:

  1. Click the button on the page once a day for each organization to help. (From there, sponsors pay how many times someone clicks.)
  2. Donate.
  3. Shop around on their website and buy whatever catches your eye (trust me, they have a lot of different items. You’re destined to find at least one you love.)

And here are the different causes you can help:

  • Sick Patients
  • Hunger
  • Breast Cancer
  • Animals
  • Veteransanimal-rescue-site
  • Autism
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Diabetes
  • Literacy
  • Rainforests

So if you want to make a big difference in someone’s life and help the Greater Good, go to their website at http://www.theanimalrescuesite.com and you will be able to select any of the different causes. You can click once a day for each one, and you can even do it on your mobile device. 

They also have blogs, a shop with really cute items, and they always have discounts and deals. Please help them today! Every click counts.

     ,                    ," e`--o
    ((                   (  | __,'
     \\~----------------' \_;/
     (                      /
     /) ._______________.  )
    (( (               (( (
     ``-'               ``-'


Victoria Hecnar



10 Reasons To Get Up In The Morning ↑

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created by Victoria Hecnar




A lot of people say that “laughter is the best medicine”. They’re right! Whether it be something your read online that you found funny, or if it’s chatting it up with your friends over hot chocolate, laughter is a beautiful part of life that instantly lifts your mood. That feeling of being outside with the wind blowing against your face while spending time with friends, or laughing so hard that you get an actual ab work out from it. Whatever the case may be, you can never go wrong with laughter. Check out awesome facts about laughter, provided very kindly by http://www.velutions.com!


Laughter, is the best medicine.
Laughter really is good for your mental and physical health, say researchers who have studied its benefits. Here’s what some of what these researchers have learned.
Laughter strengthens the body’s ability to fight disease.
Laughter increases the body’s ability to produce and release a bacteria- and virus-fighter known as salivary immunoglobin A (S-IgA). Researchers studied two groups of students. One group tended to use humor to cope with stress and another didn’t. After both groups viewed a comedy routine, the group that relied on laughter to fight stress had higher S-IgA levels than the other group.
Laughter fights stress in another way.
Stressed individuals have higher levels of a hormone called cortical. Studies show that laughter lowers cortical levels in the body, which makes laughter a natural stress buster. Much of the stress we experience is related to how we think. Laughing after an embarrassing mistake you made, for example, is far less stressful than losing sleep or remaining stressed over it.
Laughter can lower blood pressure.
An ability to laugh at your own mistakes also is a good way to lower blood pressure. In one study, researchers first measured what made people laugh. Then, each person was subjected to experiences that normally raise blood pressure levels. People who tended to laugh at their own mistakes had the smallest increases in blood pressure. However, people who tended to use humor that attacks other people or things had the highest increases.
Laughter increases energy levels.
Feeling tired or run down? Have a good laugh. Laughter is a natural pick-me-up, which may provide the energy and time needed to do things that might otherwise be avoided.
Laughter helps us bond with others.
Ever heard the expression “Laugh and the world laughs with you”? Research shows that when we laugh, we tend to talk more, make more eye contact and do more of the things that help us connect with others. Laughter also lessens tension. It’s hard to feel angry, tense or anxious when you’re laughing.
Laughter is good exercise.
Laughing 100 times has the same effect on the body as being on a rowing machine for 10 minutes or a stationary bike for 15 minutes.
Little Known Facts About Laughter.
Children laugh about 400 times a day. Adults laugh an average of 15 times a day.
Laughter is infectious, which is why most TV sitcoms have a laugh track. Laughter is so contagious, it can even reach epidemic proportions. In 1962 in the African country now known as Tanzania, a few schoolgirls began laughing uncontrollably. Their laughter soon spread to people in neighboring communities. Schools were closed to keep others from catching the laugh bug. The epidemic subsided after six months.
Laughter isn’t just about jokes and funny stories. One researcher eavesdropped on conversations in malls, noting why and how often people laughed. Less than 20% of the laughter followed a joke or humorous story. Most laughter took place as people were greeting one other or saying goodbye.
Laughter sounds the same across cultures, leading some researchers to believe that laughter helped bond our ancestors together. In fact, the sound of laughter is so common and familiar, it can be recognized if played backwards on tape.


2.) MUSIC 

Another fact, is that music can be very therapeutic. Something awesome about music is the type of genre can actually depict your mood. Whatever genre you’re into, this is definitely something to look forward to every morning. Can you imagine a day without music? Nope, neither can I. Music has been around ever since human’s couldn’t even talk. We just made weird noises. Yeah, it’s a good thing that genre isn’t around today . . . A lot of people turn to music when they are depressed or feeling down; and when they’re happy, BAM!  We tend to play lots of loud upbeat tunes and dance around. Life would not be the same without it.

peopleSingingKaraoke Tell me: What’s your favourite genre? 




Now, where would we be without our little furry, or scaly, or slimy friends?! When we are feeling ashamed of the human race, or lose all faith in humans, we all turn to hamsters, dogs, fish, or anything else that can’t say stupid things like we can. They are great companions to have and to hold. Personally, I have: a dog, a hamster, 2 frogs (well, one died last week, but I’ll count him in his honour), and 2 fish. I can’t possibly imagine waking up every morning and not having one of our little furries to turn to. Point being, animals are awesome, and an amazing part of life that makes waking up in the morning definitely worth it.

This is Victoria Hecnar's hamster, Hammie. She's a cutie-pie, we know.

This is Victoria Hecnar’s hamster, Hammie. She’s a cutie-pie, we know.




This may not apply to all of you whom are reading this, but to all my writer pals out there, you guys all know how this goes down. You wake up, a mind full of ideas, the characters are basically shouting to you, you go across the street to your local Starbucks, sit down at your laptop, and write for hours. Okay, well, that’s my schedule for it. Or Tim Hortons. Maybe even McDonald’s. The beverages switch, but the writing stays the same. 


There’s just something so euphoric about being able to create your own world. All of your thoughts, feelings, and emotions can be transformed into something that moves people, or just makes you feel happier. Along with music, this is another great way to get off that steam. (Oh, this won’t be one of them due to my eating habits making it seem hypocritical, but working out works too. I actually went to the gym for the first time in weeks today. Weeee.)  Sitting down with a drink in a quiet room with your thoughts is such a beautiful part of life. Without writing, I don’t know what I would do. I treat my books like my babies. I feel like Oscar winners would do the same with their awards.



Maybe it’s just been such a hard winter that I am fantasizing about summer, but, c’mon now. Even summer haters have to agree that there’s just so much fun to summertime. (And in the summer I am thinking about Christmas. But that’s besides the point.) Now this is a main topic, but I will post many of the subcategories that makes summer just so darn fantastic.

  • Beaches
  • No school, time off work
  • Vacations
  • Staying up late, waking up late
  • All those BBQs….yum.
  • Spending all the time you possibly can with friends
  • Sitting outside and not freezing to death
  • That awesome wind that picks up when you’re hot and cools you down
  • Summer drinks
  • Summer love (for those of you not in a serious relationship)
  • Blasting music outside
  • Having pool parties
  • Going out for late night walks…..the feeling of that is awesome.
  • The river, the walks, and that fountain that you’re not supposed to swim in but everyone does anyway! (in my city)
  • More that I can’t think of at the moment. It will come to me, just wait.





This one is pretty self explanatory. Friends and family are the apple of our eyes. 






How do I post awesome food pictures without making anyone hungry? This will be difficult. Okay, how thankful are you to be alive when there’s FOOD present??!! Come on, people. Food. And I’m not talking about food that you secretly pass to your dog under the table. I’m talking about the food that you are craving right now; which I probably brought on. I apologize. Food is awesome. You know what they say.

Eat great food and spend quality time with friends.







This also may not apply to all of you — although I think it should. Two important things are hygiene, and a sense of style. Having good fashion actually gets you places. Sounds crazy, right?? But it’s actually a proven fact that when you’re dressed your best, you’ll do your best. I think fashion is a great reason to get up in the morning, because it lets me plan out how I will be presenting myself that day. Do I want to look classy, lazy, or professional? The possibilities are endless; and remember, how you’re dressed also sends out a message to people, just as anything else. Except fashion is fun! 😆   :mrgreen:

If I put too many pictures it will take up the entire Internet, so I better play it safe and only post a couple.



9.) LOVE

Clearly, I am saving the best ones for last. Love is the B-I-G-G-E-S-T one out of all of them for me. I believe love is the only reason that the entire world does not fail; that there is still hope; that there is still happiness; and that there is still a reason to wake up in the morning. I think it’s sad because a lot of people rush love. A lot of people think they need to be in a relationship to be happy. And a lot of people don’t realize the beauty that love has when you find it. And that’s the key: finding it. Don’t rush true love, it will come.


My boyfriend, Jacob, and I. Yes, it was definitely true love at first sight. ♥

My boyfriend, Jacob, and I. Yes, it was definitely true love at first sight. ♥


Also, when I talk about “love” being my favourite part of life, I’m not just talking about love relationship-wise. Love is a beautiful part of life. Whether it be your love for another person, love for your family, friends, love for a certain movie, TV show, or song, or whatever else that you are in love with. Think about it: love really does make up the entire world. If I think about a world without love, it is absolutely terrible. In short: my love is the reason that I wake in the morning. ♥


And last, but not least . . .

10.) HOPE



I saved this one for last. I think it has to do with every single one of us. If you searched this up because you are sad and you wanted some reasons for why you should be thankful to wake up in the morning, let me just say that everything will get better with time, and never forget how valuable you and your life is. ♥ You’re so special, and there is always hope out there. Hope (and love) are the things that keep us going, and keep our faith alive. There may be many negatives in life, but there are always more positives. That is a fact. Every day, count 10 things that you are thankful for or blessed to have. These are my ten biggest reasons. But hope is so broad, and it can relate to anyone and anything. Whatever you are hoping for, try hard and it will happen. Remember: you don’t get what you wish for, you get what you work for. Anything can happen in life, and anything will happen in life. Always keep your head up, and remember who you are and where you came from. Thanks for reading this long blog. ♥ 😛


Life is a gift. Never forget to enjoy and bask in every moment you live.



Victoria Hecnar




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