Fake “Pink” Cases

Hello everyone! Today we are going to be looking at fake cases from Ardène. I think it’s kinda funny when a designer brand such as Pink releases a case (such as a pineapple wearing sunglasses seen in this example) and then everyone tries to make a copy of it. The funny thing is, it’s literally the exact same thing except for what’s written on it is different. The material is the same, the quality is the same, even the price was only a couple dollars less than the original. Notice how “Pink” is still written on the side of the knock off case. Ardène, stop: we know you’re not real. So if you want the real thing, only shop from the real Victoria’s Secret store or the real online store. Just a little PSA for you guys. xoxocdadsfdsfds

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I Hate Concerts

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And it really sucks. 

It’s not that I hate concert themselves because I think that they are absolutely awesome. Loud music, live action, a fun event. I mean, what’s not to like, really? Personally, I haven’t been to many concerts in my life (mostly due to my location) but for the ones I have, I stay for maybe two songs then leave. Why, you may ask? All my life, I have had really sensitive ears. When I was little I couldn’t even attend fireworks. (If you’ve seen my last post, you know now that I have gotten over that.)

Earplugs just don’t cut it. I just can’t go to concerts. Now, I’m not sure if it’s just music I don’t care for or what, but it really sucks hating concerts. My ears burn, I get a migraine, and my body tenses up. I feel really stressed and have anxiety attacks. It’s just too loud for me.

Now, the weird part is, I can listen to music with headphones for hours per day on full blast. Isn’t that odd? So how come concerts make me have full on panic attacks? 

I want to get over this because I think concerts would be a lot of fun. Maybe one day my eardrums will adapt to these situations. Until then, I guess I shall just blare my music on my iPod.