Product Review: Sexy Red Lip Tint By “Romantic Bear” ♡



Today I’ll be reviewing a product for a lip tint in the colour sexy red by the brand “Romantic Bear”. You are supposed to smear the tint all over your lips, wait about ten minutes, peel it off, then it’s supposed to leave you with a beautiful natural looking colour. The price was good; only $1.00 per tube. You can get it on eBay for cheap. And from the reviews that I’ve seen, it works pretty great. But for some reason the one I bought was clumpy from the second I tried it. I can’t seem to make the substance more manageable to apply, so for that reason, I’m not as impressed by this product as I would like to be. For the price though, I cannot complain. It smells great and it looks good too. I would definitely buy again. For a more in depth review and to watch me apply it, please click the video posted down below. 



Product Review: Nivea’s Lip Butter


Hello everyone, I’ve found my latest lip balm obsession. It’s Nivea’s lip butter line of products. Nivea is known for their amazingly smooth lip balms, which are full of flavour, and easy on our wallets. The lip butter brand has tons of flavours, including Caramel Cream Kiss, Raspberry Rose Kiss, Vanilla & Macadamia Kiss, and Blueberry Blush. Currently my favourite is Vanilla & Macadamia Kiss, which is so delicious and yummy that you almost want to eat it. Right from the first application, your lips are already in for a treat. They make your lips incredibly soft and give them a luscious shine without being too thick or overdoing it like a lot of other lip butter brands. I rate these a straight 7/10 for being yummy, delicious, and a good price. They definitely work, they remind me of EOS lip balms in the sense of smoothness and softness. Currently they only have four, but new ones are set to come out soon. You can buy them at most retail stores like Wal-Mart and/or Target, or you can snatch them up online by clicking here. Have a good week everyone, hope to see you soon!



My Fave Lip Glosses & Balms ❤




If you know me, then it’s no question at all—I’m addicted to everything lip product-wise. As you can tell from the photo above, I am a lip gloss maniac. Or, lip gloss connoisseur, even. Weekly I get new products and I’m always changing around my favourites. So, here’s my top ones that I am in love with at the moment . . .

❤Accoutrement’s Pickle Lip Balm, $4.78 CLICK HERE

Not good for going on a date or going somewhere really fancy, but it works awesome as a stocking stuffer, prank gift, or just chilling at home. It tastes exactly like dill pickles and it’s really unique. So whether or not you find this cool or revolting, it’s still pretty awesome.


❤Bee Kissed’s Mint Lip Balm, $1.99 CLICK HERE

You can get this in both lip balm and lip gloss form. Not only does it smooth your lips and make them feel brand new, it also has an irresistible flavour. And it also tingles once you put it on your lips and instantly cools them. 

❤The Body Shop’s Peach Lip Gloss, $10 CLICK HERE

Yes, $10 can sometimes be a little pricey just for one lip gloss but you have to buy it to believe it. The juicy flavour is definitely a must-have for any lip gloss lover! 



❤Paul Frank’s Julius’ Coconut Cream Lip Gloss, $3.95 CLICK HERE

Yummy, sweet and delicious. In a cool container, a tasty smell and even better flavour. Everyone loves Paul Frank!

❤Lip Smacker’s Lip Frosting: Milk Chocolate, $7.39 CLICK HERE

The flavour resembles a chocolate slushy and/or chocolate smoothie. You’ll feel like a cupcake putting this stuff on. 

❤Smith’s Strawberry Lip Gloss, $6 CLICK HERE

If you’ve ever played with Strawberry Shortcake dolls before then you will automatically remember this smell. That sweet, fruity, juicy smell and flavour of this strawberry lip gloss is just something you have to buy to know how fantastic it really is. It may just sound like your typical strawberry lip balm, but it’s way more than that. 

❤Pucker Ups’ Chocolate Mint, $2.79 CLICK HERE

Minty. Chocolaty. Lip balmy. Silkening with cocoa butter. Perfect for your lips, great for the wintertime.

Untitled 1

❤Liplicious’s Cookies & Creme, LIMITED EDITION 

Sadly, I checked all over the internet and found out that this one was limited and is no longer in stores. I got it a couple years ago at a local Bath & Body Works. However, I’m sure you can find some online like at Amazon or eBay if you try hard enough. click here to find ones like this. This is one of my absolute fave lip glosses because it’s creamy, delicious, and actually tastes like cookies.

❤EOS (Evolution of Smooth) Lip Balms, typically $6 each CLICK HERE

Unique, colourful, fun, convenient, and in assorted varieties/flavours. These are all great characteristics to have in a lip balm. These do wonders for your lips. Every girl should have at least one.

❤Liplicious’s Winter Candy Apple, $8 CLICK HERE

These are seasonal, only available at Christmastime. This flavour also comes as fragrance sprays, perfumes, hand sanitizers, hand lotions, body lotions, candles, lip balms, lip glosses, air fresheners, and more. It’s a scrumptious sweet apple smelling gloss that you need to fill up on this holiday season.