Fashion 101

It’s time for a blog all about fashion. Clothes, hair, bags, you name it. I will be doing my top five for spring 2015. Comment on this post if you have any looks you want me to check out. xx



Now I’m not actually a real big fan of Kendall and Kylie Jenner, but my jaw dropped when I saw this picture. I’m not sure what it was. Was it the way they’re looking up ahead so confidently, was it the shoes, the hair, the make-up, the wardrobe, the hair, the scenery, or just simply how stunning they are? Answer: all of the above! Seriously, they are just drop dead gorgeous in this picture. You guys are a straight ten out of ten!



This bold white Michael Kors collection is beautiful. The bag, clutch wallet, and watch just go together so perfectly. 



Springtime is all about fresh new changes and being bold. This gal demonstrates this beautifully in her posh picture with beautiful white leather chair in this state of the art salon. But what’s the best part, obviously, is her hair. It’s long, straight, silky, shiny, and the colour is absolutely to die for. Love how it starts off bright purple then slowly merges into a turquoise-esque blue. Love it!



I love how she got a flower tattooed around the perimeter of her diamond cartilage earring. It looks absolutely gorgeous!



Love her nails. She’s using the deep blue nail lacquer shade from the nail polish brand, “China Glaze”. And it looks great against her skin tone with her diamond ring on her hand in the background. Good job getting it so perfectly done and shiny!

So there you have it folks. Join me next time on my blog for some more fun! xx See you soon.


All images from Tumblr. All rights reserved to the photo's respective owners.