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Earlier this year, I had created a blog post about food that I eat. And normally I don’t go around just taking pictures of things that I eat, because, well, that’s just weird. However, I noticed that I have plenty food pictures on my computer that I’d love to get rid of. So what better way than to stash them up in a blog post? Continue on if you want to see what Victoria Hecnar eats (hint: basically nothing healthy.) If you don’t, though, I totally understand. I don’t really care what people are eating either. FullSizeRender (43)
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FullSizeRender (4)

See? What did I tell you? Nothing healthy. And, yes, if you were wondering, I ate every single food item on this post by myself. What can I say? I love food. And to end things off, here’s this appropriately placed GIF of pizza (Mmm, pizza).

Love you guys! Have a great day! xx 



Pizza Oven

Have you ever wondered what it would look like to have a bunny, a chicken, and a bear all sing about pizza together? Yeah. Me neither. But I made an animation (or, SFM, technically) of it for all of you to enjoy! The original song is “Evil Woman”, but Chuck E Cheese a few years back did a parody of that song called “Pizza Oven”. I made the pitch higher for Chica (the chicken) to sing it. More SFMs are coming soon, I am really excited about it! Please subscribe for more!

xoxo Victoria

Here’s lyrics for you guys to follow along:


Pizza with extra cheese . . . you sure know how to please my tummy!

– Piano/Guitar Solo –

Hey pizza you’ve got the cheese
Sauce and those toppings taste good to me
Pepperoni and sausage too
Then add some veggies they’re good for you
There’s a hole in my hand, where you go in
A tasty pizza, my meal again
But one more thing before I eat
Oh tasty pizza you need some heat!


Pizza Oven
Pizza Oven
Pizza Oven
Pizza Oven

Roll in from my long day
It’s dinner time what do you say
I think you know where I’m going here
I want some pizza you know my dear
Different toppings, combos, they keep it new
Never gets old and I say thank you
I really need you, the truth be told
Without you oven my pizza’s cold!


Pizza Oven
Pizza Oven
Pizza Oven
Pizza Oven

– Piano Solo –

Mmmmmmmmm [yeah, yeah, yeah!]
Mmmmmmmmm [whooaaaaaaa]
Mmmmmmmmm [woooohoooo]


Pizza Oven [Oh pizza oven!]
Pizza Oven [Oh pizza oven!]
Pizza Oven [Oh pizza oven!]
Pizza Oven

Dinner bells, I hear them ring
Oh pizza oven, you make me sing
Yum yum pizza, for every meal
My pizza oven she knows the drill
Pizza, comes out hot, I must admit
Pasqually, make sure you wear your oven mitts
I might be purple but never blue
My pizza oven knows what to do!


Pizza Oven
Pizza Oven
Pizza Oven
Pizza Oven [x2]

I BEAT 20/20/20/20 MODE! (YouTube)

If you’re a gamer then you probably know what this is. On the game “Five Nights at Freddy’s” there’s a custom night (night 7) where you can set the animatronic’s intensity levels. 20/20/20/20 is the hardest mode, and even the creator Scott Cawthon thought when making the game that it was impossible to beat, as even he could not himself. Then, a couple of guys beat it. Only several people in the world have beaten this without a cheat. And, well, now I’m one of them. I feel very proud, if you are a fan of this game then you know it’s a pretty big deal! I beat it on my iPhone and on desktop. 


That three stars feels good, doesn’t it? And making it to 6 am on “nightmare” mode felt even better!


And at the end of the week, after the endless possibilities of being stuffed into an animatronic costume and killed, you still get fired at the end of the week. 


Those were screenshots from beating it on my phone. If you want real, live action footage of me beating it, then please click this video! I’d appreciate it if you could subscribe for more FNAF videos and vlogs! I enjoy reading your comments and if you liked the video, make sure to give it a big thumbs up!


Victoria Hecnar xoxo