5 Worst Types of People at the Gym

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The 5 Worst People At The Gym Are…

Firstly, I just want to say that I stay in the women’s only section at the gym. I’m sure there are males that have very bad gym habits, too. But this blog post will just be referring to the females. I refuse to work out with the men because while our workout section smells like showers, roses, and perfume, the men’s section smells like a sweaty armpit. Seriously, what is the science between women smelling so much better than men?!

1.) The Competitive One                   

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These girls are so annoying. Oh, you’re running at a seven speed? Well let me just crank my treadmill up to an eight point five! Oh, you’re lifting twenty pounds? Let me lift fifty! These girls (and I am assuming there are men like this too) just don’t understand that the gym is not the Olympics and it’s not a competition on who is running and who is walking on the treadmill. They’re the ones that’re always staring at you, just trying to see how they can one up you. Please stop. 

2.) The Conceited One 

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When you are working out, of course you want to see how you look and how your progress is coming along. But it’s one of my pet peeves when girls and guys just full on stare at themselves in the mirror. Like, do you even blink? No matter what they are doing or where they are, their gaze is permanently locked on the mirror while doing literally anything at all. Cardio, fat burning, weights, you name it. Get a room. 

3.) The Kiss and Teller 

“Oh, he was so hot, I totally love him, he totally loves me, we made out last night and blah blah blah.” Probably one of the most annoying ones in my opinion are the ones who are either with their friends or on the phone and are blabbing all of their really personal business aloud, loud enough so everyone else hears. Let me tell you something: No one else cares who you went home with last night, no one cares about that party, no one cares about your boobs and no one cares about how high and/or drunk you got last night. Just keep that to yourself, or tell your friends in a non public place. This, ladies and gentlemen, is why they invented soundproof headphones. 

4.) The Hoarder 

Sometimes there’s only one of a certain machine, and of course everyone wants their turn. But there’s always that one person who’s on the machine for, like, an hour. They’re texting, they’re fixing their hair, they’re playing mobile games, or taking a sip from their iced cold beverage. But the only thing they’re not doing is working out on the actual machine. Do your reps, and get out of there to let other people have a chance at that particular machine! Five to ten minutes, tops. 

5.) The Clingy One

You met them at the gym once or twice, now suddenly they think you’re their best friend. It’s constantly calling you up to ask you if you’re working out today, or texting, or in the worst case scenario, both. You like them and all but they just don’t understand that exercising is something that you’d prefer to do on your own. No matter how hard you try, you can’t get rid of them. But you can’t just get up and switch gyms—you’ll just have to find a way to put it to them nicely, “No.” 

Well, those types of people are the ones that annoy me the most at the gym. I think they relate to both men and women. What are your biggest gym pet peeves?

Have a great week,


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Fashion 101

It’s time for a blog all about fashion. Clothes, hair, bags, you name it. I will be doing my top five for spring 2015. Comment on this post if you have any looks you want me to check out. xx



Now I’m not actually a real big fan of Kendall and Kylie Jenner, but my jaw dropped when I saw this picture. I’m not sure what it was. Was it the way they’re looking up ahead so confidently, was it the shoes, the hair, the make-up, the wardrobe, the hair, the scenery, or just simply how stunning they are? Answer: all of the above! Seriously, they are just drop dead gorgeous in this picture. You guys are a straight ten out of ten!



This bold white Michael Kors collection is beautiful. The bag, clutch wallet, and watch just go together so perfectly. 



Springtime is all about fresh new changes and being bold. This gal demonstrates this beautifully in her posh picture with beautiful white leather chair in this state of the art salon. But what’s the best part, obviously, is her hair. It’s long, straight, silky, shiny, and the colour is absolutely to die for. Love how it starts off bright purple then slowly merges into a turquoise-esque blue. Love it!



I love how she got a flower tattooed around the perimeter of her diamond cartilage earring. It looks absolutely gorgeous!



Love her nails. She’s using the deep blue nail lacquer shade from the nail polish brand, “China Glaze”. And it looks great against her skin tone with her diamond ring on her hand in the background. Good job getting it so perfectly done and shiny!

So there you have it folks. Join me next time on my blog for some more fun! xx See you soon.


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