9 Things I Just Can’t Handle


Everyone has their little phobias and pet peeves and things they just cannot stand. Here are nine of mine. Originally, I was going to use pictures to go into further detail but I thought I’d be nice and spare everyone (mostly myself) the gruesomeness of having to see these things. What are some of yours? 

  • Needles

There’s an actual thing called needle phobia. The scientific name for it is “trypanophobia”. Yes, it is a real thing. There’s a whole bunch of facts and statistics. Including, a large percentage of people with this would rather die than get a shot and also some people just have a fear with medical needles. I feel a lot more comfortable having a needle pierce through my nose (which I got done last year) than get a flu shot in my arm. Seriously, it’s bad. Those of you who have this know what I’m talking about.

  • Centipedes 

NO, PLEASE, NOOO!!! Centipedes are ugly. And creepy. And weird. Ugh. No. Maybe my fear sprouted from waking up in the middle of the night when I was a kid and having a centipede casually walking right beside me. Yeah, I think I was scarred . . . I can’t even look at a picture of one without cringing and feeling things crawling all over me.

  • Raw Meat

When my mom was pregnant with my brother, she couldn’t stand seafood. He hates seafood. When my mom was pregnant with me, she couldn’t stand raw meat. And I absolutely despise it. I cannot cook meat because of this and probably never will. My husband will have to do it. Even looking at it makes me want to throw up. And as for steak? It has to be brown, well done, fully cooked. Any pink/red at all and I’ll gag. 

  • Rude People

But, doesn’t everyone hate rude people? Wait, what about rude people? Do rude people hate rude people? How does that even work? The questions that keep me awake at night . . . 

  • Sports

This one is pretty odd, but, I actually can’t stand sports. If I go to a hockey, baseball, or basketball game, I’m only there for that buzz of excitement in the air and the food. Mostly the food. I find them boring and I actually have a fear of soccer. I don’t know if it came from a bad experience or what, but I’ve always been scared of soccer and always will. *Shudders*.

  • Extremely Loud Noises

If it’s music I like, then no biggy. But if it’s music I hate, or any other loud noise, I immediately get a migraine and can’t focus and in certain situations depending on what it is and how loud it is, I can get really bitchy. So please don’t blow a horn in my ear at any given time or I may or may not attack you for it.

  • Redundant Romance Movies/Books

Blech. So annoying and corny. Yes, I do realize there’s some romance in Mackenzie High. But it’s not that kind of romance. Come on, people, do you really think Taylor and Lonny stare into each other’s eyes and say “I’d be lost without you?” Nu-uh. 

  • Cigarettes

I have to hold my breath when I walk past someone smoking. The smell is gross, the action is gross, just everything. 

  • Freezing Cold Weather

Which is odd because winter is my favorite season. (Because of Christmas, boots, cuddling next to the fireplace, hot cocoa, etc). And I LOVE my winter coat. But when I’m outside and it’s in the minuses, then no way. I’m outta there. 


Have a good week everyone!


Earliest Childhood Memory


Today’s blog post will be something a little more personal. Something that all of us have, some later in our lives than others. Of course we don’t remember being in the womb and we don’t remember being born or the first few weeks/months of our lives. But what about the first year? Second? Third, maybe? Our first memory that we can all remember: we all have one. So this is mine. Most children start walking at one year, sometimes even younger than that. But me? I was almost three years old and still didn’t walk. Not even once. I was carried everywhere, crawled, and was in a stroller. Yep. At two years, almost three. But I can even remember my thought process back then, strange enough as it is. And I thought: “No, don’t show Mom and Dad you can walk! Make them think you can’t so they’ll still carry you everywhere!” I knew how. I remember being two and running around in my room to get something and coming back before anyone saw me. I remember loving crawling everywhere, and being picked up. I remember thinking it was fun and hilarious. Everyone thought something was the matter with me, brought me to the doctor and nope, seemed alright and everything. So why was I taking years to walk? Most of the time, it’s because of a growth development or even mental issue. But like I said, I just didn’t want to walk. I probably knew how after a year but pretended I didn’t. And I clearly remember one evening, lying on the ground, crawling, in my living room with everyone there. My parents, grandparents, and brother. And I saw something in my kitchen I wanted to get at. So I just got up and started walking. Everyone’s faces were like this: :O

Just like that. I was all like, “Why the hell are you guys so surprised?” (No, three year olds don’t talk like that.) ‘Cause when you learn to walk apparently you do it in steps. Nope, I liked to be a mysterious child I guess. Of course my plan to be carried around forever failed because once my parents knew I could, they got me to walk. Damn. I was about to have it made . . . Isn’t it funny what we can remember?


Fancy baby Victoria Hecnar. Look at me making faces and wearing red nail polish and stuff.

Fancy baby Victoria Hecnar. Look at me making faces and wearing red nail polish and stuff.

That’s all for today, folks. Tomorrow’s Friday, and then the weekend. Happy TGIF!

– Victoria xoxo


Live In The Moment


Live in the moment. Feel the cool breeze brush lightly through your hair. Watch all of the city lights around you at night time buzz with their exciting brightness. Listen to your surroundings; the soft and the loud. Touch things that catch your attention, and let your hands linger everlastingly. Take a sip of a warm frothy drink on a winter’s evening, savouring the warmth of it. Gaze into your partner’s eyes and hold their hand. Gently caress their soft skin, silently thanking them for being a part of your life. Lay down with them and put your head onto their chest, feeling their beautiful heartbeat as both your mind and body drift off into a deep slumber. Do what you want to do, see what you want to see, and be who you want to be. Because life is so short that it’ll all be over before we even know it. So capture this moment. Hold onto it and never let it fade away. Stop thinking about tomorrow. Stop thinking about yesterday. Just think about right now and the beauty that’s all around you. Live in the moment.

– Victoria xoxo


Recipe Featured On TheNeeds.com

Hey bloggers! You might remember that about a week ago I posted a dessert recipe on my blog for Salted Chocolate Cheesecake Balls. (If you haven’t seen it yet, click on it, bake it, and enjoy!) I’m featured on TheNeeds.com in the “Eat” section. They have voting that you can do for your favorite recipe, so make sure you go on and like it! It currently has almost 500 favorites, and it would be great if you could go have a look and like my recipe! Thanks a ton!

(My recipe was also featured on DIY. http://paper.li/diy_website/1332640253).




– Love Victoria xoxo