I’m Going To Florida











This Thursday at like, four in the morning, I will be waking up to make probably one of my biggest dreams come true. It’s crazy because I can remember it being the middle of February and thinking, “Gee, wouldn’t that be nice to go there.” Half a year later, here we are, we’ve got our tickets and our passports at the ready and we are going to Orlando, Florida to live out my dream: see the Rock-afire Explosion and meet my idol, the guy who created them. So early this Thursday morning, my boyfriend and my father and I (who are all Rock-afire fans too) are going to Detroit, Michigan, and catching an early flight. We’re staying at a five star hotel and then on Friday we’re seeing the Rock-afire Explosion for the first time! It’s such a dream come true. I’m going to hug Mitzi and kiss my future husband, Beach Bear (I’m his future wife, he just doesn’t know it yet). I’m also getting my very own Rolfe and Earl skit, which is SUPER exciting. I can’t believe this is actually happening—I’ve been counting down this day for six months. And it’s actually here. 

So when I return, I shall have plenty of vlogs for you all to see on my YouTube channel and enough pictures to keep you guys busy for days. (Not literally.) Talk to you soon!


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