A Quick Look At: Mackenzie High

So I’m pretty excited because (I’m going to call it a sneak peek) of Mackenzie High is now out. I call it that because it isn’t officially published yet, and there’s still some work left to do on it and I am still looking for a permanent publisher. But for the meantime, we have the sneak peek and I’m pretty happy with the way it all turned out. I also want to thank those who have purchased a copy of Mackenzie High and have provided me with some feedback. Everyone seems very engrossed with it and have both deep love and hatred for the characters, which is exactly how I wanted it to be. And—as mentioned before—this is only the beginning. There’s lots more to be done before Mackenzie High is released, but the journey has been awesome so far!

Here’s a look at:

The front cover . . .

photo 3

© Copyright Mackenzie High – Victoria Hecnar (2014)

The back cover . . .

© Copyright Mackenzie High - Victoria Hecnar (2014)

© Copyright Mackenzie High – Victoria Hecnar (2014)

The spine . . .

© Copyright Mackenzie High - Victoria Hecnar (2014)

© Copyright Mackenzie High – Victoria Hecnar (2014)

And, last but not least, a picture of the inside of the book . . .



© Copyright Mackenzie High - Victoria Hecnar (2014)

© Copyright Mackenzie High – Victoria Hecnar (2014)

I’ve been giving away several copies of books to my friends and family, but you can always check out my store if you click here. Soon there will be Mackenzie High merchandise available. A big thanks to everyone once more!


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Mackenzie High = Complete


Hey, everyone! It feels so great to be able to say this; Mackenzie High is officially complete! This is not the last revision, nor is this the last edition of the book. I know I still have a long way to go before Mackenzie High makes it big, but for now, this is certainly a start! This is the third time I have written a book. The first one in 2009, Five Hearts, was discarded, and rewritten as Mackenzie High in 2012, now the latest edition of Mackenzie High was written in 2014. I call Mackenzie High my first novel, though, as the characters from Five Hearts are basically the same.

Most of my novels took me only two months to write, but for this edition, I wrote for several months to make sure it’s perfect. Or, as close to perfect as it can be for now. I never have any spelling mistakes, but sometimes my grammar goes funky. And not the type like “your” or “you’re”, but sometimes I misuse words and therefore the sentence does not run as smoothly. For example, I wrote “coach” instead of “couch” and “make” instead of “made.” Yikes . . . I permitted myself to have 5 mistakes in this copy. If I find anymore then five, I swear, I’m going ape-shit on someone. There will always be fixes and new editions coming out, so the mistakes will be corrected. [I really hope it’s less than 5 this time.]

I’ve created a lot of the characters when I was eight years old; that was eight years ago. And I wrote Five Hearts when I was only twelve. So this book and its characters were there for me when I was growing up. They’ve become such an important part of my life, that I don’t know what I’d do without them. 


. . . and hopefully you will, too!

Mackenzie High is 665 pages at the moment. It’s such an amazing story with a really deep message, and I can’t wait to share it with all of you. I am so excited for my friends and family to read it. I’m giving away several copies to them! To order your own copy, you can either search “Victoria Hecnar” on Amazon or you can scroll to the top of my website, and click the “Store” button. Or, for direct access, click here.

Unfortunately, my publishers said based on the weight and material of the book, the book price had to be $55.00. But I am giving all of you a 40% off discount, dropping down the book to only $33.00! 

Mackenzie High means the world to me. In the future, I hope for it to be my career. Seriously, how cool does a world book tour sound? Answer: Very! Right now I’m just blessed to be given an opportunity to write my heart out, and I am also very thankful for being blessed with a talent of having a wild imagination, strong writing, and fast typewriting skills (LOL). Thank you so much to everyone reading this right now. Enjoy!

Also note: there are no actual sex scenes in my book. Just wanted to clear that up. 




First Gay Hug ♀ ♁ ♂

All of this is probably old news, but it’s too good not to share. So you’ve probably seen that viral video, “First Kiss”. It was actually a commercial for a clothing line company, but people all around the world became obsessed with it. When people were under the impression that it was real, basically, a guy and a girl get paired up together to just make out on camera. Then, once the truth about it was released, people were upset about it, but still loved what the video consisted of. Now, this post isn’t about that video. Let me just say that I really dislike that “First Kiss” video. It was all staged. And even if it were to be real, it is not cute whatsoever. My friends and I really hate it. When two people are in love it’s cute, but these were complete strangers. Also, I’ve seen first kiss videos for years all around YouTube. It would be in a situation at a public place such as the mall, where they would put a mistletoe between two strangers, and they would just peck each other. Let me tell you what this “First Kiss” video consists of  — tongue, saliva, and more tongue. A lot of people raised an argument and stated that it was to show the love that people harbour in their hearts. THAT ISN’T LOVE!!!!! It was actors and producers staging full on make out sessions. That would never happen in real life, and even if it did, it is so unnatural and dirty. That doesn’t show the “love we harbour in our hearts”; it makes me think of another word. There’s so many germs out there and you don’t know who’s done what or who’s been where and it’s just very unsanitary – to be honest I found it more awkward than anything. A single kiss on the lips or the cheek would be okay but kissing a complete stranger is just a bit weird . . . It felt awkward and very uncomfortable to watch. However, this video that I am about to show you, is a remake of the “First Kiss” video.

It’s called “First Hug”. Now, I am not sure if this one is fake as well, but, even if it were, it rocks. They pair up one homophobic person and one gay/lesbian person, and they share a hug. That is perfection right there – the first time I saw it, I probably watched it a good five times in a row. I love how they were acting towards each other at first; very secluded and uncomfortable. It was as though they were scared. Then, as they started talking, (most) of the people began to realize that there is no difference between a heterosexual person, and a homosexual person. The hugging part was awesome, because, despite their beliefs, they showed kindness and affection towards someone else. Another part I liked was the people themselves. The girls were all stunningly gorgeous, and most of the guys were adorable. It made me smile; not cringe like the original video. Here, take a look:



This video was so awesome. I loved everything about it, even the music played in the background. Everyone’s mannerisms were outstanding too, in a comedic and an emotional way at the exact same time. The girls and guys were both uncomfortable at first. One of the straight girls says to the lesbian, “You’re too pretty to be gay . . .” I don’t know. She did stereotype but I think it’s still awesome that they were able to finally come out and just say what they wanted to say. Now, this video, is what the “first” video should have been like. This one demonstrates the love inside of us in a light-hearted way, without going over the lines or just seemingly creepy. If you haven’t yet, go watch it! ❤

Congratulations to everyone who took part in this video, you guys did a good job!



Victoria Hecnar


My Name Is Victoria

Hey! My name is Victoria Hecnar. I wanted to thank everyone for visiting my new official website. I will be using my blog, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube to inform my friends and fans on latest things happening with me and my novels, acting, and public speaking events.

This website is mostly to promote my work. I am a self-published author, whose lifelong dream is to become a worldwide best selling author. I have been writing for years. My first novel was published in 2009, and my second was published in 2012. I am currently looking for a publisher to give my books a home!  

Copyright © 2009-2014 by Victoria Hecnar

Copyright © 2009-2014 by Victoria Hecnar

A self-published hard cover copy of Mackenzie High. Copyright © 2012-2014 by Victoria Hecnar
A hard cover copy of Mackenzie High.
Copyright © 2012-2014 by Victoria Hecnar

Unfortunately, “Five Hearts” is no longer available for publication.


A photo of Victoria Hecnar. © Lee-Ann Bergs Photography 2014

A photo of Victoria Hecnar.
© Lee-Ann Bergs Photography 2014

I love writing, acting, and motivational speaking. I am a coffee lover. Tim Hortons and Starbucks are my life. Woo. Also enjoy spending time with two really important people in my life, my boyfriend and my best friend. Huge animal lover; my room is full with rodents, amphibians and fish. ♥ my hamster Hammie, fish Engelbert, dog Belle, & more. Obsessed with shopping. And fashion. And things that smell nice. And fast food . . . a little too much. Yummy. Working out, going to the beach, going on vacation. Being on my laptop, cell phone, iPod, etc. That sums it up.

The three things that my work focuses on are:

  1. Being an author.
  2. Being a motivational speaker.
  3. Being an actress.
Victoria Hecnar in 2013.

Victoria Hecnar in 2013.

For more information, you can look around my website OR request a business card. I’m excited to begin blogging!


Victoria Hecnar